St. Lucia offers an ideal climate both for those looking to do business onshore or offshore. Our time zone (GMT-4) makes it possible to be in touch with both Europe and the Americas during their business hours. Our two airports and our seaports are modern and efficient and able to accommodate all but the very largest planes and ships.

Communications are state of the art and are provided by British telecommunications giant, Cable & Wireless as well as, more recently, Digicel who are becoming a major presence in the region.   The workforce is sizable, well educated and literate and wage and salary expectations are extremely reasonable, especially when compared  to their European and North American equivalents.   Work permits for skilled foreign Nationals are readily available but do take some time to obtain so it is recommended that your lawyer or registered agent start this process six to eight weeks before you intend to have foreign staff on the ground.   For persons possessing genuinely rarefied skills a partial exemption from St. Lucian income taxes can even be obtained.

Banking services are provided by a mix of indigenous banks (Bank of St. Lucia , First National Bank) and  Canadian banks (ScotiaBank, CIBC/First Caribbean  and Royal Bank, all present).

For those looking to engage in light manufacturing or distribution, St. Lucia offers free trade zones and is covered by the USA’s Caribbean Basin initiative.  St. Lucia’s optional 1% income tax rate for offshore entities can be of great assistance in helping to repatriate the profits made from domestic operations in other caricom member countries.

For those looking to do offshore business from St. Lucia, our package of legislation, all of which was originally adopted in late 1999, has been continuously reviewed and updated to ensure it stays as modern and comprehensive as that of any other jurisdiction in the world. A good supply of lawyers ( we recommend Gordon, Gordon & Co), accountants (including the major firms PricewaterhouseCoopers, PKF and KPMG) and other professionals exist to fulfill all your requirements.

In short, whether you are here to work or play, do everything or do nothing, St. Lucia is the place for you and your business.